5 Days to Personal High Performance | taught by Danny Liu
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Danny Liu
Danny Liu
Master Systems Instructor

About the Instructor

With over 14 years of small business and technical systems project management experience, Danny is passionate about helping new and established entrepreneurs build sustainable small teams to produce big results through building efficient business systems.

He teaches you how to leverage lean thinking principles, automation & delegation in an easy to understand language, in order to test, build and sell digital products that people will love to purchase.

A firm believer that people should be able to live a fulfilled and balanced life while doing what they love for a living, Danny's mission is to help entrepreneurs harness the power of their true talents so that they can live life on their own terms.

If there is “1” Thing that highly successful entrepreneurs have in common it’s this:

They FOCUS on one thing at a time.

And, once they build a sustainable business, they have a team behind them keeping it running smoothly. But they all had to start somewhere right? While some have hired right from the start, many of us aren’t that fortunate to have finances available to invest in hiring right away.

So, what is someone who’s just starting out supposed to do when there’s simply no budget for a team?

FOCUS. Through a self-disciplined lens of focus, you can bootstrap your business by doing-it-yourself (DIY). It takes longer, but learning the ropes is sometimes much more beneficial than hiring right out of the gate. Combine this learning approach to ignoring distractions, managing your calendar and your time wisely, and you’ll quickly start to see things shaping up for your brand.

Here’s What You’ll Learn in the next 5 Days of F.O.C.U.S:

  • Day 1: Forecasting Outcomes
  • Day 2: Optimizing Time & Space
  • Day 3: Controlling Distractions
  • Day 4: Unlocking Your Productivity Potential
  • Day 5: Scaling Your Results

Each Lesson will be dripped out to you as you complete the previous day’s lesson. This is designed to help keep you focused on balancing learning and doing what’s on your plate for today.

Just click the appropriate day’s lesson below and get started! Good Luck!

(PLEASE NOTE: This content was a LIVE challenge that I held previously, so some of the calls-to-action, such as posting in a Facebook group, etc, are no longer valid. And, after getting feedback and improving recommendations for better performance, the point of this course is to get you really focused on building YOUR business, something that social media has a tendency to distract us from, robbing our time that could be spent better in other places. If you still would like to post questions or feedback in a facebook group, you can do that right inside the Blackbelt Entrepreneur Mastermind Community here.) Just don’t forget to Take Action!)

Course Contents

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